Monday, 31 October 2011


Training starts!!

So, I've decided to enter the strathpuffer again. 24hrs of ice and sore-eyed misery - cant wait! Last year saw me finishing 3rd after riding for a body breaking total of 24hrs and 37mins. Rain, snow and solid ice tracks gifted a dented frame, 3 punctures, dented frame, destroyed brake pads, dented frame and a worn drive chain...did i mention a dented frame? Bad times. And when it was all over I said I would never enter again...but, as the year went on and time helped me forget the cold and the pain, warmer memories have prevailed (excuse the pun) and I've actually managed to convince myself to do it all over again! Not sure if its the challenge, the time off work, or the Haggis, but entry opens in November and I'm counting down the days. So i guess this is my blog for this event and the up-coming season.

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