Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011

2011 Ends Time for 2012.
First off heres a quick review of my year:

Rode the Strathpuffer and finished 3rd. Really pleased.

Rebuilt my body and bikes after the Strathpuffer.

Goshawk 50km I got lost, snapped my chain, had a puncture, and managed to finish in the top ten! Think something may have gone wrong there.

Went to America - shot a gun, visited Disney, drank lots of Coors and ate at 'Chillies' a lot. Definitely no riding.

British 24hr champs. Pulled out due to going to America, shooting guns, visiting disney, drinking Coors, eating lots of fast food and being Lame. MTFU.

Erlestoke 12 (set to rise) 1st place in singlespeed 6hr.

Mountain Mayhem 6th place

Gem and I had our new little boy Reuben, took some time off.

Spent 3 weeks in the Pyrenees with my family, rode all the major climbs - Tourmalet, Aubisque and more.

Had to drag myself back to work but couldn't wait to get on my mtb. Came 1st at insomnia 12.

Entered Dusk till Dawn 12hr.Drove from Cardiff to Thetford, raced for 5 hours in the rain, hurt my back pulled out then drove back to Wales, bought a McDonalds breakfast all before the event had finished.Put my bikes away for a while.

Started training for the Strathpuffer.
Raced Brass Monkey round 1 and finished 13.

Trained for Scotland. Had a cold: Cured with Gin.

That's about it! (I did other races, and lots of riding, but for me 2011 was a great year!). I need to say a huge thank-you to my girlfriend for supporting throughout the year, looking after the boys when I'm not there, and being the best team mate i could ever ask for. Thankyou!!

Thanks to Patrick and all the guys at

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